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We believe that every kid, no matter his age, weight or experience, has to have fun and contribute to the team in a safe and rewarding environment, every kid is given a chance to make progress on the practice field and at the football games, and every kid is held accountable for their corresponding responsibility. We are competitive though, and we expect for the players to be focused and ready to execute their assignment.

Why The Sharks?

We are a committed to teach the fundamentals of the game of football and to improve the abilities and self-steem of every kid in the organization, we take the extra step in every aspect of our program from equipment (Riddell, Schutt) and background checks (NCSI) to player development (PPDM) and coaches training (USA Football), going well above the minimums imposed by any and all of the football organizations in San Antonio, and following the standards of national level organizations. We are not perfect, and we are still developing some areas, but we do improve our program every year. We are a no-nonsense organization, we listen and take action on all well-founded structured concerns. Safety is our top priority, we'll get your kids ready for the game, but we'll not risk injury if we can avoid it. Here are some examples of what we just mentioned:

  • We only use Riddell or Schutt equipment, some leagues use less quality brands (Adams, Rawlings, etc.).
  • All our helmets are recertified every two years and wear the warning label that certifies they are under regulation.
  • Most leagues only require minor, state based background checks for participation, we background check with NCSI which follows the National Council of Youth Sports (NCYS) recommendation.
  • All of our coaches are required to go through basic certification, as of 2011, all coaches are required to take USA Football basic certification, plus age specific coaching certification, to our knowledge this is not required by any other organization in the City.
  • Our league is affiliated with American Youth Football and USA Football.
  • As of 2011, all of our coaches we'll receive a basic concussion awareness package according to CDC guidelines.
  • We are preparing for the upcoming Player Progression Development Model to be released by USA Football in 2011, and plan to integrate it for the 2012 season.
  • Academic achievements are encouraged and rewarded.
  • We do our best to disclose all the events, fees, fundraisers and expected contribution, check our notes in our Registration Home page.


NAJIFF has been in San Antonio for over 40 years, it provides the best organized league in the city, with the best players, teams and officiating. NAJIFF is a very competitive league, there are no playing time guarantees, weight limits for any position and it follows NCAA rules, this provides a very tough, hard fought, competitive environment were our kids can really learn what teamwork, friendship, life and football are all about.!