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Makeshift Football Leagues.

Today I received an e-mail from yet another makeshift youth sports league, so far I can count 4, maybe 5 in San Antonio, you’ll recognize them by phrases like “Sports participation at the basic level”, “Teams are formed by closest … Continue reading

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New concussion-measuring technology being tested in San Antonio

Thanks to our Coach Chad Lukkes for sharing this article about a new concussion-measuring technology. http://www.woai.com/content/news/newslinks/story/New-concussion-measuring-technology-being-tested/akuTG1hsuEmtLlLa3kXmyA.cspx The company that is developing this new tech is Battle Sport Science. http://www.battlesportsscience.com

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“Super 10″ rules for kid’s safety

Play-It-Safe Rules that work for kids at every age.  Even very young children can learn these basic concepts. Review them often, and clarify and update them as your child grows. 1. I AM THE BOSS OF MY BODY! 2. I … Continue reading

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When should kids start sports?

It’s not easy to determine how early to start children in organized sports. Children of the same age vary considerably in their physical and psychological maturation, and there is no practical method of measuring maturity. Assuming the child has shown … Continue reading

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San Francisco Examiner: Parents put your fears aside – let kids play football.

This a good article written by Bob Frantz for the San Francisco Examiner, it provides a fresh perspective about safety in youth sports. http://www.sfexaminer.com/sports/columnists/2011/02/parents-put-your-fears-aside-let-kids-play-football  

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