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Gameday Gear

The San Antonio Sharks Youth Football and Cheer Program have partnered with some of our sponsors to bring some exclusive offers on game and practice gear to our players. The prices are great, send us an e-mail with your order at payment needs to be completed before July 26th, orders will be fulfilled on that same date. The offers are exclusive for San Antonio Sharks registered players, no other discounts apply. Getting the equipment from us, gives you a great price and helps our organization keep its sponsors.

Practice Jersey

Practice Jersey A white, blank, plain, resistant practice jersey, at a great price, only $9.50

Practice Pants

Practice Pants A white, blank, plain, no-pads included, resistant practice pant, at a great price, only $12.50

Practice Pants with pads

Practice Pants with pads A white, blank, plain, pads included, resistant practice pant, players will receive a set of pads as part of their registration, they can use the same pads on the practice pants, some parents however prefer to have different sets of pads for games and practices, to avoid the snapping and potential damage of the pads as the season goes on, this is an option to have that extra set of pads at a great price, only $17.00


Socks Long, white socks at a great price, only $5.00 for the first pair and $4.00 for any number of additional pairs

Shock Doctor Strapped Gel Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Gel Mouthguard Our preferred mouthguard, very confortable, very effective, premium mouthguard, at a great price, only $9.50

Shock Doctor Strapped Pro Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard A great mouthguard, can be used with braces, and more appropriate for little guys that like to chew on their mouthguard, only $7.00

Shock Doctor Bio-Flex Cup

Shock Doctor Bio Flex Cup A great cup, at a great price, only $8.00

Shock Doctor Brief with Bio-Flex Cup

Shock Doctor Brief with Bio Flex Cup Shock Doctor Brief including the Bio-Flex cup, the Shock Doctor brief is really good, unfortunately is always sold with a cup, you could get this one and get some extra briefs later, only $13.00


We are also offering some packages to help you get set for the season:

Package A - $28.00 Includes:

  • Practice Jersey
  • Practice Pants
  • 2 Pairs of Socks

Package B - $33.00 Includes:

  • Practice Jersey
  • Practice Pants with pads
  • 2 Pairs of Socks

Send your orders via e-mail at, prices may be updated from time to time, please check this site for the latest prices before sending your order.!